“I was delighted to learn of your outstanding work on behalf of your community. Your generosity and willingness to serve others merit the highest praise, and I am pleased to recognize you as the 506th Daily Point of Light.”

President George Bush

“KiDsGyM USA is very important for nation building because it gets our kids in shape…to me it’s absolutely essential.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor of California

“Arnold Schwarzenegger has said many times at council events that every child in this country has a right to be fit and I believe every child has a right to pursue excellence. KiDsGyM makes this a reality for so many kids in your area."

Peter Vidmar
Chairman of the Board
USA Gymnastics
1984 Olympic Champion

“Through the unique brand of gymnastics training and experience provided by Mr. Campbell, my son, Rembert, grew in self-confidence; in his ability to receive and follow instructions from an adult; in his understanding of how to work effectively with children both his age and older; and in his appreciation of the concept of self-mastery of a skill.”

Charlyn Harper Brown, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Faculty and Chairperson-
Department of Psychology Morris Brown College

“We believe that your program is an effective strategy to improve the quality of life for youth. The recognition received from the society for Adolescents Medicine is another demonstration of the national significance of KiDsGyM USA for both the medical and public health community.”

Stephen B. Thomas, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Community Health
Director, Institute for Minority Health Research
Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University

Testimonials from parents:

“I was most pleased with the strategies used by the Coaches to encourage the children to not only be great athletes, but to be great people.

Ms. FeJoku (KiDsGyM parent)

“Because of her involvement in gymnastics she began to feel good about herself academically and as a leader. Additionally, KiDsGyM helped raise her level of fitness and self esteem.”

Mr. Jackson (KiDsGyM parent)
“Over the next 3 to 4 years my child learned body control which has helped him in swimming, baseball, basketball, soccer, and even tennis. I firmly believe that the introduction to gymnastics at a young age at the KiDsGyM helped.”

Ms. Stanley (KiDsGyM parent)