Launched in 1987 to address the needs of school age children and teens.

  • KiDsGyM USA’s solutions to at risk behaviors: early drug use, gang membership or teen pregnancy and low self-esteem in under served communities
  • Specialized gymnastics programs and events that convey educational, social and life-skill messages.
  • Activities that expand character building concepts such as teamwork, fair play and respect for all;
  • A constructive alternative to the use of unstructured time (between 3 & 6 pm)
  • Promotes participation in physical activity and the development of fitness habits
  • Empowers youth to say “yes” to good choices, education and leadership


Flippin’ For Life Programs include:

After School Gymnastics:
Health and Fitness classes offered to school age boys and girls between the hours of 3 & 6 PM

TOPGUN Tumblers X’hibition Team:
Nationally recognized as one of the most outstanding, entertainment youth groups in the country.

Cheer Tumbling Classes:
Program targeting middle and high school cheerleading teams or girls who simply want to learn to tumble.